Our Factories: Workers Matter, Every Step of the Way

Building personal relationships with each of our factories is important to us. We regularly visit diligently each factory and make it a point to build strong bonds with the owners; they too are a part of the Matt & Nat family. We make sure that while we provide you with a quality product, the conditions of the workers developing it are up to par with our standards. One of our factories operates by the SA8000 standard, which ensures quality work conditions for all. We hope to make the latter a bigger part of our production, in the future.


In Simple Terms

Live beautifully is our mantra. Its meaning is broad yet easy to understand; simply put we take care of our planet as it takes care of us. We love the environment and aim to work with it to offer you sustainable, ecological and highly fashionable accessories.



Each Season, New Initiatives

With each season, we make it a point to offer our customers the cutting edge of ethical and eco-friendly fashion. Our materials are consistently improved and updated with composites that are less harmful for flora and fauna. Our materials are always vegan. PU is always preferred over PVC, as it is less harmful for the environment. More renewable materials like cork and rubber are also frequently used in our designs. All our linings are always made out of 100% recycled plastic bottles; on average, that represents over 120 000 recycled bottles a year.


“We are not perfect but we aim to better ourselves with time. The vegan spirit of Matt & Nat will live on. Our learning journey has just begun.”
– Manny Kohli, President & Ceo